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Vaca Crazy!

17 Feb

Today is the first real nice weather day since winter blew in and I’m going stir crazy. I found out this week that I have 16 vacation days to use this year through work & WOOOO that is exciting. The bad news is that Hawks has significantly less. Sadness.

Since I moved to Kansas, Hawks & I have taken vacations, like real ones, every year. I’ve never had that before in my life, like ever. In 2009 we went to a Bed & Breakfast on Oklahoma. It was romantic & sweet. Then last year, 2010, we went to San Antonio, TX & stayed on the River Walk for a few days. Very awesome. We visited the Alamo, took a boat tour, went swimming, went to Sea World and soaked in historic San Antonio.

This year, we’re undecided. We talked about Colorado, but nothing jumped out at me. We have a few road trips this year that are mandatory family needed ones that we have to take & we will.

Today I was looking into Dodge City, KS. I love cowboy history and anyone who knows me well – knows that I’m desperate, almost foaming at the mouth to own my own hobby farm complete with animals. So if I can combine my love of cows, history & vaca together that sounds like one hell of a fun-gasm!

While I was looking into Dodge City, I came across Farms, Ranches and Wineries in Kansas. Clicking that link opened huge possibilities. I mean HUGE!

Cattle trails, ranch rodeos, threshing bees and harvest festivals provide many events that highlight Kansas agrarian roots. Take a trip home to the family farm, reminisce about the family farm or learn a lesson in how the food found on your plate all started on a farm. Enjoy the fresh produce or take in the sites of a Kansas harvest time or all year-round at one the farm experiences across the state.

Ridin’ and ropin and blazin’ the trail! Take to the trail like the cowboys of lore at a real working ranch at one of Kansas’ many ranching experiences.

Wait – like the movie City Slickers? Ranches really do that?

Oh, they do & I found one just outside of Dodge City & it’s calling my name… Moore Ranch – Raising Longhorn Cattle in Western Kansas. *Squuueeeee* As I read further, I almost peed myself when I noticed:

We Provide the horses and all the equipment you will need. Lodging and three meals are also included.

Short Cattle Drive. We will drive the longhorns to our south pasture about 8 miles from the ranch. We will camp out that night under the stars or in cowboy teepees. The next day we will ride back to the ranch.

Seriously – I almost peed! This is the vacation I want neeeeeeed. Now to get Hawks on board. Wish me luck!


Let’s go some place where we can each be alone…

17 Jan

I’m feeling a tad bit stressed lately. Mid-life crisis? Mayhaps. Is 36 considered “mid-life”? I don’t know but at this point in my life I saw bigger things. Okay that’s not entirely true. I should say that AFTER my divorce, I saw bigger things by now.

Here I am with a teenager that refuses to learn the meaning of compromises, common courtesy, and seeing the world beyond herself and her social life. Another teen who has some sort of addiction to constantly getting into verbal battles, mostly with his younger brother and older sister. And of course my youngest, who tries to be a saint within my eyesight but will pick at the other two if I’m not looking and then wonder how it was that he is getting caught when of course “they started it.”

What’s the saying?


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