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And we’re back…

3 Jan

Welcome to the New Year & Monday back to work. I thought I’d do a post about my New Year’s resolutions but I’ve decided this year I’m resoluting (so not a word, huh?) to not have any. That WAS NOT my lazy way out so stop looking at me like that. I *did* think about it – honest. I thought “mayhaps I should blog more” and “mayhaps I’ll work harder towards getting the farm I want this year”, etc etc. Honestly though I really don’t need to declare these resolutions. They’re more like “Damn it *this* will happen!” or, ya know, it won’t.

As for the blogging more… I’ve said it before, but ya know it’s hard. It’s like soooooo hard. Sometimes I have this really great idea and I want to blog it but then I get distracted by shiny things and the motivation to blog is just gone. By the time I actually sit down to blog I end up just staring at my screen wondering what I could possibly write that would be even remotely entertaining. Of course then I begin to agonize over finding anything, just a breadcrumb, or speck of interesting anything from my life and realize “Nope, can’t blog that” or “oops that might be too personal” or “Whelp, that might piss people off even if I found it hilarious.” Needless to say, I’m my biggest censor.  I’ll work on that, I promise.

Until then you get an update. Ooooo exciting! *Not*

I believe I’m finally finding my groove working two jobs. Yes, two. My full time web-design job pays well but if I intend to keep my Batmobile, a second job was needed. That’s where KU comes in. I’m not sure what the actual name of my 2nd job is but if I had to name it myself, I’d say “awesome custodian to KU athletics department and stuff.” It’s like night & day. Kinda like having a secret identity that’s not really secret. Monday – Friday from 8-4 p.m. I’m a mild mannered web designer spamming up your internets in a cubicle and by night I’m a fast paced cleaning machine (with a radio, huzzah). In between I’m attempting to raise kids, play WoW (World of Warcraft) and keep my fiance happy. I think in the end I achieve zen or something. Hey, I can dream.

Anyroo, here’s to my first blog post of 2011 and the promise of more.

Happy New Year poppets!


Confessions of a Dork – I’m Batman!

12 Oct

I'm BATMAN!So this is a new obsession. My fiance likes to refer to it as a phase. Apparently I go through a lot of different phases & he tolerates them so I guess it’s not all bad.

Recently I started getting into web-comics. Not just a little bit, but like a lot. It started innocent enough with Girls With Slingshots. I loved reading new strips Mon-Fri but then Saturday & Sunday would roll around & waiting sucked. I started searching for new reads, new comics that could fill the update-less days in between. This lead me to other comics like Fox Trot, Something Positive, Nerf This, Under the Influence, All New IssuesScout Crossing, Dumbing of Age and the one that brought me to Batman… Shortpacked! I told you it’s a new obsession so just stop shaking your head right now at all the links. [Side Note: All these links can be found on the right sidebar under “Web-Comics” in case this post gets buried someday]

Shortpacked will do a strip every so often with Batman claiming to whoever will listen that he is Batman. “I’m Batman!” I’m usually so easily amused that the randomness of it in the strip cracks me up like you would not believe. I’ve changed my computer wallpaper often to a particular strip that has had me completely “LOL’d” for days.

I know a lot of people don’t get it, and that’s fine, It’s one of those “You had to be there” scenarios I guess. Well that is the short story of why I love Batman. Just for the hell of it though, I’ll throw in some more. I’m nice like that.

  • Batman is human. Duh! He is proof that just about anyone can be a super hero. Batman shows that you don’t need super abilities to stand up for what’s right. Okay so his alter-ego Bruce Wayne is one rich mo-fo and can afford the technology that it requires to be just a lil more super than the average Joe with all those cool ass toys.
  • He’s not just some guy in tights. Batman’s costume strikes fear into the criminals of Gotham City. He’s dark, mysterious, and driven by the death of his parents. So he’s kinda messed up and well, that’s kinda hot.
  • The Batmobile! Need I say more? Superman gets to fly, Spiderman gets to swing, but Batman gets to ride around in style. Who else can fight crime and still look fresh? I’m pretty sure that the Batmobile is like a gazillion times more awesome than Kit from Nightrider. Seriously the bat ride was like the first ever car with GPS. You think your OnStar is cool? His bat wheels are linked up to his computer in the Batcave. Oh OnStar doesn’t do that for you? You don’t have a batcave? Well then.

Still don’t love Batman like I do? Well okay then, I get that. Nobody can love Batman like I do. Nobody!!!

I’m Batman!

Who Knew? I bet *you* did!

12 Oct

Apparently I’ve had this blog for like almost a year? I’ve blogged on it once and forgot about it. That’s not unusual. I love thinking up names, creating blogs, designing headers, etc. but when it comes to actual consistent bloggity blogging, I suck. It’s not like I don’t have good intentions, or ideas, or stories even, it’s just that consistency isn’t my forte. I try though, and for that I deserve like a gold star or at the very least, a cookie. Make it a dozen chocolate chip warm & gooey right out of the oven & you’ve got yourself a wanna-be blogger pet for life!

I digress… So why do I feel I need yet another new blog? To talk about my deep love for Batman? Share my LOL’s about web-comics? Point out the sheer stupidness fun stuff that I am surrounded with daily? Vent Share thoughts about work, parenting, friendships, etc etc? Probably all of the above.

This could be highly entertaining, boring, offensive, geeky or whatever. I have no idea yet, but I can promise you one thing it won’t be – consistent.  I’ll try though, like really try, I promise.

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