Let’s go some place where we can each be alone…

17 Jan

I’m feeling a tad bit stressed lately. Mid-life crisis? Mayhaps. Is 36 considered “mid-life”? I don’t know but at this point in my life I saw bigger things. Okay that’s not entirely true. I should say that AFTER my divorce, I saw bigger things by now.

Here I am with a teenager that refuses to learn the meaning of compromises, common courtesy, and seeing the world beyond herself and her social life. Another teen who has some sort of addiction to constantly getting into verbal battles, mostly with his younger brother and older sister. And of course my youngest, who tries to be a saint within my eyesight but will pick at the other two if I’m not looking and then wonder how it was that he is getting caught when of course “they started it.”

What’s the saying?



Thought Spewage

17 Jan

I’m pretty good at telling other people what to do, how to do it, when to do it, perfect execution, flawless advice, etc etc. However when it comes to me swallowing my own medicine… I suck at it. I consider myself a damn good friend. If you need me, I’m there. I may not be the best at consoling people but at least I’m honest & I do try. I really have no sympathy for stupidity. Where’s the growth in that? Honestly.

So where does this come from? Seriously Kimberlee, why the hell do we care?

Well… last Friday I was cornered in the bathroom at work by a female co-worker who was crying hysterically. Obviously she needed *someone* but my first impulse was to get the hell out of there. I barely know her & in the 2+ years I’ve worked there, I’ve taken no interest in getting to know her. Work is work for me. Of course running out of the bathroom was out of the question. That’d just be rude. So I asked her what was wrong. Dumped via text. Wow! Even I know you never text message breakup & being the smartass that I am, those words poured right out. “You can’t text message breakup.” Any of my friends would have gotten the reference (those of you who don’t – psst video)

Anyways – it was obvious, she didn’t get it. So much for a funny awkward fix? I asked her if she wanted me to grab someone else (you know, like one of her friends) but she didn’t answer or I missed it between sobs. So that was it. Spewing advice, I can do. Yes, I can do *this*. That is exactly what I did. Now if she actually took it was a different story.

Snowmageddon 2011

10 Jan

It only looks innocent...

We finally got a load of winter snow in Kansas. Nothing like the blizzard we had last year but who knows, just because it’s late doesn’t mean it’s not prepared to give us hell. Normally when we get anywhere from 5 inches or more I telecommute instead of driving the 36+ miles one way into Overland Park through what is best described as Mario Cart snow covered highways. Today though I decided to take my chances. It was either stay home with three kids cooped up since all the schools closed due to inclimate weather or take my chances on the road. Here I am bloggity bloggin’ from my warm corner cubicle miles away from home – I think I chose wisely.

Mmmm kid-less free coffee!

C’mon Already…

4 Jan

These days nothing can seem to move fast enough. I’m ready to GO GO GO! Everything else is just… crawl crawl crawl. I’ve been in Kansas for three years now (as of Feb 8th, 2011), just waiting and waiting and waiting some more for something to happen. This is the year baby, oh yea 2011 – I can feel it.

  • Wedding? Eventually.
  • My first house? I hope so.
  • A raise? Oh hells yes! Mayhaps.
  • A hammock in the shade? Make it so.

I raise my glass, a toast to making it happen – anyone who dares to stand in my way can lick my glass.

And we’re back…

3 Jan

Welcome to the New Year & Monday back to work. I thought I’d do a post about my New Year’s resolutions but I’ve decided this year I’m resoluting (so not a word, huh?) to not have any. That WAS NOT my lazy way out so stop looking at me like that. I *did* think about it – honest. I thought “mayhaps I should blog more” and “mayhaps I’ll work harder towards getting the farm I want this year”, etc etc. Honestly though I really don’t need to declare these resolutions. They’re more like “Damn it *this* will happen!” or, ya know, it won’t.

As for the blogging more… I’ve said it before, but ya know it’s hard. It’s like soooooo hard. Sometimes I have this really great idea and I want to blog it but then I get distracted by shiny things and the motivation to blog is just gone. By the time I actually sit down to blog I end up just staring at my screen wondering what I could possibly write that would be even remotely entertaining. Of course then I begin to agonize over finding anything, just a breadcrumb, or speck of interesting anything from my life and realize “Nope, can’t blog that” or “oops that might be too personal” or “Whelp, that might piss people off even if I found it hilarious.” Needless to say, I’m my biggest censor.  I’ll work on that, I promise.

Until then you get an update. Ooooo exciting! *Not*

I believe I’m finally finding my groove working two jobs. Yes, two. My full time web-design job pays well but if I intend to keep my Batmobile, a second job was needed. That’s where KU comes in. I’m not sure what the actual name of my 2nd job is but if I had to name it myself, I’d say “awesome custodian to KU athletics department and stuff.” It’s like night & day. Kinda like having a secret identity that’s not really secret. Monday – Friday from 8-4 p.m. I’m a mild mannered web designer spamming up your internets in a cubicle and by night I’m a fast paced cleaning machine (with a radio, huzzah). In between I’m attempting to raise kids, play WoW (World of Warcraft) and keep my fiance happy. I think in the end I achieve zen or something. Hey, I can dream.

Anyroo, here’s to my first blog post of 2011 and the promise of more.

Happy New Year poppets!

Wordless Wednesday

29 Dec

Happy Winter Folks!

What is Wordless Wednesday? (Or ONE THREE Word Wednesday)

On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description.

The Tale of the Isolation Ale

9 Dec

I’m not really an alcoholic, in fact, I’m sure I drink less than you *think* I do. So let me apologize in advance for yet another post centered on alcohol.

See the pic to the left? That is the great Odell’s Isolation Ale. Mmm earthy hops, cookie like malt aroma and suggestions of chocolate and toasted biscuits. I’m not a huge beer drinker & if it’s called “beer” rather than “ale” I probably won’t touch it. I’m a snob like that.

A little backstory – I first touched my lips with this awesomeness last year at a little place no longer in existence called JoShmos. For $2 a bottle you could chill with your friends on a snowy night, watch sports & drink this glorious, nay, heavenly winter warmer. Then it was on tap. ON TAP! For as long as the keg lasted, we had Isolation.

Then it was gone.

Imagine how happy I am come winter. I start hitting the local places – Mass Beverage, Cork & Barrel, Beer Cave, etc. in search of the best part of winter.

There are three big problems with this ale.

Problem #1 – Lawrence, KS gets a very limited supply.

Problem #2 – Isolation Ale is a “seasonal” brew. Only available October thru December. Ahem, what month is this?

Problem #3 – Dave likes it too.

We’ve been searching since the end of October and we’ve put our names on numerous waiting lists.

Until… the other night we decided to hang out at Old Chicago to watch KU whoop up on Memphis. We chose to sit at the bar as to see the game better and low & behold, there it was. Isolation Ale – ON TAP! JOY! We were thrilled. However after like 16 years or something, Old Chicago on Iowa will be shutting their doors permanently tomorrow. There is no way we can finish off their keg at $5/pint in the next 24 hours. Damn it!

So last night I decide to try Cork & Barrel again. You will not believe this, but I swear, it’s a true story. They had ONE bottle. One lonely bottle on the shelf. It was only me. Just me. Dave patiently waiting at home perfectly aware of my whereabouts & all I have is one bottle.  I look pitiful at the clerk and ask him to check stock. Surely you have more than this one bottle? In theory he had two six packs according to the computer. After 10 minutes of searching the cooler, he returned empty handed. So that’s it, I have one bottle. I explain to him that with this one bottle there will surely be rock, paper, scissors or a drawing of straws to determine who will partake in this deliciousness when I get home. The clerk looks at me and says, “But you’re a girl, so of course you should have it.” Wait… what? That’s brilliant! I *am* a girl, in fact I am *the* girl, *the* girl who found it and by golly in the name of having a vagina – I claim this last Isolation Ale as mine!

I arrive home & it so did not go down like that. I tried the whole “but I’m a girl” and the “but I’m the girl who went & found/got it.” To no avail, I had to share the last bottle & all I can say is that “Sharing is completely overrated!” Sigh.

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