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Vaca Crazy!

17 Feb

Today is the first real nice weather day since winter blew in and I’m going stir crazy. I found out this week that I have 16 vacation days to use this year through work & WOOOO that is exciting. The bad news is that Hawks has significantly less. Sadness.

Since I moved to Kansas, Hawks & I have taken vacations, like real ones, every year. I’ve never had that before in my life, like ever. In 2009 we went to a Bed & Breakfast on Oklahoma. It was romantic & sweet. Then last year, 2010, we went to San Antonio, TX & stayed on the River Walk for a few days. Very awesome. We visited the Alamo, took a boat tour, went swimming, went to Sea World and soaked in historic San Antonio.

This year, we’re undecided. We talked about Colorado, but nothing jumped out at me. We have a few road trips this year that are mandatory family needed ones that we have to take & we will.

Today I was looking into Dodge City, KS. I love cowboy history and anyone who knows me well – knows that I’m desperate, almost foaming at the mouth to own my own hobby farm complete with animals. So if I can combine my love of cows, history & vaca together that sounds like one hell of a fun-gasm!

While I was looking into Dodge City, I came across Farms, Ranches and Wineries in Kansas. Clicking that link opened huge possibilities. I mean HUGE!

Cattle trails, ranch rodeos, threshing bees and harvest festivals provide many events that highlight Kansas agrarian roots. Take a trip home to the family farm, reminisce about the family farm or learn a lesson in how the food found on your plate all started on a farm. Enjoy the fresh produce or take in the sites of a Kansas harvest time or all year-round at one the farm experiences across the state.

Ridin’ and ropin and blazin’ the trail! Take to the trail like the cowboys of lore at a real working ranch at one of Kansas’ many ranching experiences.

Wait – like the movie City Slickers? Ranches really do that?

Oh, they do & I found one just outside of Dodge City & it’s calling my name… Moore Ranch – Raising Longhorn Cattle in Western Kansas. *Squuueeeee* As I read further, I almost peed myself when I noticed:

We Provide the horses and all the equipment you will need. Lodging and three meals are also included.

Short Cattle Drive. We will drive the longhorns to our south pasture about 8 miles from the ranch. We will camp out that night under the stars or in cowboy teepees. The next day we will ride back to the ranch.

Seriously – I almost peed! This is the vacation I want neeeeeeed. Now to get Hawks on board. Wish me luck!

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