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2 Mar

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29 Oct
It's Gogol Bordello, bitch!

It's Gogol Bordello bitch!

So last year around this time I really wanted to go see Gogol Bordello at Liberty Hall but things came up & I missed it. I remember sitting at home looking at Twitter when @tweetnasty was talking about how Gogol Bordello had just invaded Java Break. I was so freaking jealous & thought “Why aren’t @tweetnasty & I closer friends?” I would have loved that inside scoop! Damn it! Honestly she really is a funny, witty, sarcastic person that I’d totally hang with even if Gogol Bordello didn’t breath all over her that night.

Anyroo, I just found out the other day that the gypsy punks are back again to play Liberty Hall and this year, guess who’s ass is gonna be there?!! ME betches! Huzzah!

Special thanks to the love of my life, Hawks for surprising me with these tickets of joy!

Drop the charges!

The fire and the power, yuh?!

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